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paulownia Chamfer And Reveal Strips


  • Hotline:+86-530-6208019


  • Material: China Paulownia
  • Packing: 25pcs or 50pcs/bundle
  • Moisture content: 8-12%
  • Quality: No knot, no worm hole, no split, no rot, smooth and clear surface
  • Strictly quality control for all process.
  • Market: Euro, USA, Japan, Australia,Thailand, Vietnam.....ETC
  • Working properties: Paulownia is easy to machine, glue, carve, turn, sand and drill, due to the low density.
  • Production Capacity: 500 m3 per month
  • Delivery time: 15 days after receiving the confirmed order.
  • Payment method: T/T or L/C
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